Text Based Services

Synchronous & Asynchronous Text Based Services

Synchronous text based services means that both the client and the provider are online at the same time, engaging in text messaging back and forth in real time for a set session time length.  This has the feel of a live in-person or video session, and can be just as beneficial as traditional counseling.  

Asynchronous text based services means that the client and provider respond to messages at their leisure. This is more for non-emergent, supportive care. This is offered in a monthly option.

One of the aspects that clients enjoy about this type of service is that it does allow for a bit more anonymity and distance which can come in particularly useful when discussing sensitive subjects.  This also works great for individuals with severe anxiety that are seeking help as a stepping stone service. 

Text Based Services are particularly helpful for individuals who may find it hard to find time for a full session with video or phone, or may not have the privacy they need for a phone or video session.