About Us

We are here to support you on your journey.  

We are happy to provide a free 15 minute phone consult to gain a better understanding of what your needs are and how we can best support you.  After the free consult, we can decide together if this is the best place of support for your needs.  

What we do?

We offer a unique and client centered virtual approach to therapy and supportive services.  We believe in an accepting, open, safe, and welcoming environment for all!  We provide traditional counseling via video, phone, or chat, consultations, and supportive services for those traveling across state lines.  We are a weight neutral practice,  LGBTQ friendly, and adult entertainment industry worker accepting. 

Who can we help?

Great question!   Although we would love to provide you with an exact answer, we simply cannot.  Everyone is unique and the real key is to finding connection and trust in the relationship.  Although we cannot give you a list of qualifications that ensure we will work well together, we have included a list below of some populations and client demographics we have successfully helped.  If you don't see a group that you identify with below, that is perfectly fine!  This is not an inclusive list, but just some of the groups our clients identify with.  Please reach out to us to discuss your specific needs and for the 15 min free phone consult. 

Please review the different services to see what may interest you and fit your lifestyle.  We encourage you to reach out for a free consult, or send us a message on the contact us page if you have specific questions about your needs and how we can help.  

What is special about Lime Counseling? 

Why Lime Counseling?

We personally have been "handed limes" at some point in our life too.  We understand the feeling of needing help and support from others.  Although we haven't lived through your particular situation, we know that everyone has a story and we want to support you with yours.  We believe that having the proper, consistent support helps to build resilience, strength, motivation, hope, and change.